Subset of CPC30420 & CPC41020 (12-14 Units of Competency)

Experienced Worker Program - Demolition Supervisor
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Experienced Worker Program Demolition Supervisor Skill Set

For new Nominate Demolition Supervisors &  Licence Applicants in NSW, QLD & VIC.



To meet compliance in the rapidly changing space of demolition licensing you must now hold nationally accredited units of competency to be eligible to work as a nominated supervisor or management supervisor (nominee) licence holder or to apply for a Demolition Licence.

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Who is this program for?

This program is designed for experienced demolition workers with more than 3 years experience. You should be currently employed with and have access to workplace documents which include your name as the Leading Hand, Site Supervisor or similar.


What licence might I apply for or apply to be added onto after this program?

Upon successful completion of this program graduates will be able to apply for the following licences. 

  1. a NSW demolition licence (DE1) (with relevant experience)
  2. a restricted demolition licence (DE2) 
  3.  VIC / VBA Demolisher Registration (DOE Medium / High)
  4. QLD Demolition Certificate (registration) both Management & Nominated Supervisor (Open – with relevant experience)

Program Information 

Our comprehensive Demolition Supervisor Training Program, carefully designed to align with the stringent guidelines set forth in AS2601 Demolition of Structures and the Code of Practice for Demolition Work. In the world of demolition, precision, safety, and compliance are paramount, and our program empowers you to excel in all these aspects. We understand the critical importance of adhering to industry standards, and our training covers every facet of demolition work outlined in AS2601. From meticulous planning and site-specific strategies to hands-on execution, you’ll develop the skills and knowledge needed to ensure that every demolition project meets or exceeds the highest standards of safety and professionalism. With our program, you’ll not only gain expertise but also the confidence to navigate complex regulations and regulations effectively, ensuring that your work is not only efficient but also compliant with the industry’s best practices. Elevate your career in demolition with our program and be a leader who stands out in the field by upholding the AS2601 and Code of Practice for demolition work.

    What does the program cover

    Preparing Quotes for Demolition Work: Craft precise estimates for demolition projects, considering all aspects of the job, including labor, equipment, materials, and potential risks. Our program equips you with the skills to create accurate quotes that align with industry standards.

    Consulting with Endorsed Building Engineers: Collaborate with respected building engineers to analyze and strategize demolition projects comprehensively. You’ll gain the ability to engage in meaningful discussions, ensuring the highest level of safety and efficiency in your demolition endeavors.

    Developing Site-Specific Demolition Work Plans: Master the art of tailoring demolition plans to the unique characteristics of each site. Learn to assess site conditions, environmental factors, and regulatory requirements to create effective, site-specific demolition strategies.

    Applying for Demolition Permits: Navigate the intricacies of obtaining necessary permits with confidence. Understand the regulatory framework and documentation required for securing permits, ensuring your demolition projects comply with all legal requirements.

    Establishing and Administering Contracts: Develop strong contractual agreements that safeguard both parties involved in demolition projects. Learn the art of drafting, negotiating, and managing contracts to ensure smooth project execution.

    Identifying Site and Work-Related Hazards: Acquire the skills to meticulously identify potential hazards on demolition sites. Prioritize safety by recognizing risks and implementing robust risk management strategies, including the identification and handling of hazardous materials.

    Developing Site-Specific Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS): Gain expertise in crafting SWMS tailored to the specific needs of each demolition project. Ensure that safety protocols are meticulously documented and adhered to throughout the project’s lifecycle.

    Arranging Fall Protection Equipment: Understand the critical importance of fall protection in demolition work. Learn how to select and arrange the necessary equipment to safeguard the well-being of your team members and yourself.

    Establishing and Managing an Asbestos Risk Register: Comprehensively address the asbestos-related risks associated with commercial buildings and structures. Develop and maintain an asbestos risk register to protect workers and comply with regulations.

    Identifying Suspended Elements Requiring Propping: In consultation with endorsed building engineers, identify and assess suspended elements that may need propping during demolition. Ensure structural integrity and safety throughout the demolition process.

    Undertaking Manual Demolition: Hone your skills in hands-on demolition work, including safely dismantling and removing materials and components from buildings and structures. Our program provides practical experience to prepare you for the field.

    Removing Fixtures and Fittings: Master the art of efficiently removing fixtures, fittings, roofs, trusses, ceilings, external and internal walls, floors, and floor support systems from small buildings and structures. Learn to sort materials for reuse and recycling.

    Managing Waste Transportation and Disposal: Gain insights into the responsible management of waste generated during demolition. Arrange transportation, disposal, and transfer to appropriate facilities, ensuring environmental compliance.

    Demolition and Stripping of Internal Fittings: Learn the intricacies of demolition and stripping internal fittings and non‐load-bearing elements in buildings up to five storeys. Ensure precision and safety in this critical aspect of the demolition process.

    By mastering these skills, you’ll be well-equipped to excel in the dynamic field of demolition while ensuring the highest standards of safety and professionalism.



    Who is this program designed for?

    This program is designed for experienced demolition workers with more than 3 years experience. You should be currently employed with and have access to workplace documents which include your name as the Leading Hand, Site Supervisor or similar.

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    How long will it take to complete?

    Successful applicants complete this program in between 1 – 12 months.

    TImelines are dependent on the success of RPL Applications and Training & Assessment Plans for your individual circumstance.

    Units of Competency

    These units are:

    CPCCWHS2001 Apply OHS requirements, policies and procedures in the construction industry
    CPCCDE3016 Identify hazards on demolition sites and apply risk management strategies
    CPCCDE3018 Select and use small plant and equipment for demolition tasks
    CPCCDE3019 Demolish small buildings and structure using hand tools and small plant equipment
    CPCCDE3020 Select and use tools and equipment for hot work in the demolition industry
    CPCCDE3022 Manage demolition recyclable and waste materials using load shifting equipment
    CPCCBC4002 Manage occupational health and safety in the building and construction workplace
    CPCCBC4012 Read and interpret plans and specifications
    CPCCDE4001 Plan and prepare for activities on demolition sites
    CPCCDE4002 Plan and supervise demolition work to minimise environmental and public health and safety impact
    CPCCDE4003 Supervise individual activities on demolition sites
    CPCCDE4004 Finalise demolition activities and supervise property handover

    Please note that Effective 1 January 2019, SafeWork NSW no longer accept any the existing NAT Training qualifications as meeting the requirements of approved training.

    Program Delivery Options

    There are two pathways to attain this qualification:

    • Recognition of Prior Learning / Recognition of Current Competence.
    • Online Support with Workplace Practical Assignments.

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    What will I receive after I successfully complete the program?

    Upon being found Competent of all Assessment Tasks PM2 PTY LTD T/A PM SQUARED RTO 41304 will issue your Statement of Attainment outlining each Unit of Competency you have been found Competent.

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