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Safety Management System
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Simple Safety

Simply Safe© – Safety Management System

Designed for Demolition & Construction Contractors. 

What is a Safety Management System?

Construction and demolition operators are able to employ a safety management system (SMS) as a tool to systematically establish and uphold standards for managing safety and health. The regulations and practises needed to effectively mitigate—that is, lower the severity—the risks connected to demolition and construction operations are gathered together in this document.


Who is this system for?

This system is designed for Small & Medium size Demolition & Construction Contractors. This is a certifiable safety management system and is a requirement in Queensland for Demolition Contractors to obtain before applying for their demolition licence. 


Why is an safety management system (SMS) important?

An SMS allows the construction and demolition operators to demonstrate the effective management of health and safety on site to:

  • employees, contractors and others working on the site
    the regulator
  • an external organisation when seeking certification.
  • management when assessing the worksite systems against recognised industry standards.

For the SMS to be as effective as possible, it must be a documented system, then it must be readily understood by all parties, and finally it must be accessible. 

Every construction project and demolition job present its own unique set of challenges when it comes to mitigating hazards. The SMS is utilised to guarantee that these risks are taken into consideration and that strategies are documented to ensure that sufficient controls are put into place for the duration of the worksite’s operation.

While all construction and demolition site have safety- and risk-related policies, plans and procedures in place, the SMS ties these components in a single integrated system.

    A Systematic Development Approach – AS/NZS 4801 or ISO 45001 

    Australian Standard AS 4801 Occupational health and safety management systems – General guidelines on principles, systems and supporting techniques describes a systematic approach that can assist demolition & construction contractors to both meet the minimum regulatory requirements and lead to sustained improvement in safety and risk management performance.

    The guidelines can assist an organisation to establish its own system or improve an existing system.

    They do not prescribe the type, format or style of system that should be used, and are aimed at a work site of any size or type.

    We get questions from clients who are confused with which safety system they should have and which frameworks they should focus on complying with.

    The majority of Australian organisations have, for many years, run their safety programmes in accordance with the Australian and New Zealand Safety Standard (AS/NZS 4801). Additionally, organisations had the option of selecting a system that satisfies the prerequisites of the international safety standard known as OHSAS 18001.

    The previous international safety standard, OHSAS 1801, was superseded by the newly published international safety standard ISO 45001 in March of 2018. After 1st March 2021, businesses have been be required to improve their OHSAS 18001 certification to the more stringent ISO 45001 standard.

    There are many similarities between AS/NZS 4801 and OHSAS 18001. The choice between AS/NZS 4801 and OHSAS 18001 is up to the organization. Most of our clients choose to be certified under the Australian standard AS/NZS 4801.

    Few who operated internationally asked to be certified under the international standard.

    Organisations that had a 4801 system were able to easily make the changes required to be certified under the international 18001.

    For this reason we have developed Simple Safety© Management System to ISO 45001-2001.


    Key Elements to Consider

    Some key elements of a demolition & construction safety management system that may be included are listed below.

    • Management framework
      • health and safety systems framework
      • sustainability
      • corporate policies
    • Leadership and accountability
      • roles and accountabilities
      • procedural requirements
      • statutory appointments and positions
    • Planning and performance
      • health and safety objectives and targets
      • performance measurement
      • monitoring and review
    • Implementation
      • licenses and permits
      • document and record control
    • Compliance and document control
      • maintaining documents such as standard operating procedures (SOPs), safe work instructions (SWIs) or safe work method statements (SWMSs)
    • Operational risk management
      • safety in design
      • change management
      • risk assessment tools
      • workplace inspections
    • Communication and consultation
      • safety and health communication
      • safety and health committees
    • Behavioural safety, awareness and competence
      • training plan and matrix
      • fitness for work
      • inductions
    • Systems of work
      • SOP, SWI or SWMS development and use
      • Job safety analysis (JSA) or job hazard analysis (JHA)
      • contractor management
    • Incident investigation
      • incident reporting
      • investigation tools
      • corrective action management
    • Emergency management
      • emergency response plan
      • injury management
      • crisis management
    • Quality assurance, measurement and evaluation
      • audit criteria

    What are the distinct business benefits or outcomes that result from acquiring ISO 45001 certification?
    1. A greater number of opportunities to tender bids on government contracts and larger corporate initiatives
    2. Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) guidelines were adhered to in order to establish hazard and risk management practises, which resulted in a decreased chance of injuries and illnesses that were work-related.
    3. A formal recognition of your management procedures can give your business a better reputation with its customers and other stakeholders.
    4. Through the use of a statistical dashboard, senior management is able to monitor key performance indicators relating to health, safety, and OH&S.
    5. Maintaining conformity with the legal requirements specified in ISO 45001.
    6. Certification can provide your company with improved marketing possibilities as well as a competitive advantage, which can help your company stand out in a crowded and competitive market.
    Succeeding through Partnership

    As the famous quote goes, “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” Success is often achieved through partnership, collaboration, and a shared vision of what can be accomplished when we work together towards a common goal.

    Together with Spire Safety, OnShift will support our clients to implement Simply Safe – Safety Management System and achieve their accreditation goals.

    About Spire Safety - Making Safety Easy

    Our consulting firm specialises in assisting clients in a wide range of industries, such as energy and resources, construction and manufacturing, agriculture, and others, to successfully manage their responsibilities regarding workplace safety. We provide consultation services that are flexible and adaptable in order to align with the expansion goals of our customers, having a keen knowledge of the complexities that contemporary work environments present.

    Our team addresses the HSEQ/WHS challenges that our clients encounter on a daily basis by employing innovative solutions that are tailored to meet the clients’ particular goals and objectives.

    Our services are tailored to meet the needs of a wide range of customers, from the execution of risk assessments on a single manufacturing facility to the delivery of comprehensive turnkey WHS management systems for corporate entities.

    We have the knowledge and insight that is necessary to minimise and remove any potential dangers that may be faced by our customers.



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