RII30820 Certificate III in Civil Construction Plant Operations
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RII30820 Certificate III in Civil Construction Plant Operations 

Attain your Contractors – Excavating Licence with NSW Fair Trading.

Required for Contractors & Nominated Supervisors of Excavation Works over $5000 in value.


You must have a licence before you do any residential building work in NSW, including excavating, that is valued at more than $5000 (incl GST) in labour and materials.

Excavating means removing earth or rock down to a previously decided level or excavation line, to form a hole or trench for structural supports, for building walls or floors, or for structural landscaping work. 

Who is this program for?

This program is designed for experienced excavation workers with more than 3 years experience. You should be currently employed with and have access to workplace documents and project information.

If you fit into this category this program will assist you by not only helping you to attain your RII30820 Certificate III in Civil Construction Plant Operations but see you immediately thereafter apply for your contractor licence or qualified supervisors certificate. 


What licence might I apply for or apply to be added onto after this program?

There are two types of outcomes for graduates that align to this certification:

  1. Endorsed Contractors Licence – Excavating
  2. Qualified Supervisor Certificate – Excavating

Endorsed Contractors Licence – Excavating

A endorsed contractor licence allows you to contract, advertise and execute to do work.

An endorsed contractor licence is issued to individuals who apply for a contractor licence and who also have the qualifications and experience needed to be a qualified supervisor.

Endorsed contractor licence cards have ‘contractor licence (Q)’ printed on them to show they are also equivalent to a Qualified Supervisor Certificate. 

You can only do the types of work described on your licence card (e.g. Excavation).

Contractor licences can be issued to individuals and to companies and partnerships.

From 1 July 2020, you can apply for a 1, 3 or 5 year endorsed contractor licence.

    Qualified Supervisor Certificate – Excavating

    A qualified supervisor certificate allows you to supervise and do the work described on your certificate.

    Qualified supervisor certificates are only issued to individuals.

    A qualified supervisor certificate does not allow you to contract for work but it does allow you to be the nominated supervisor for the project works permitted on your certificate.

    More information can be found on the NSW Fair Trading Website.


    Who is this program designed for?

    This program is designed for experienced plant operators  with more than 3 years experience. You should be currently employed with and have access to workplace documents and project information.

    Most applicants into this program will go onto attain their Endorsed Contractors Licence or Qualified Supervisor Certificate immediately after completion.

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    How long will it take to complete?
    Successful applicants complete this program in between 2 – 12 months.

    TImelines are dependent on the success of RPL Applications and Training & Assessment Plans for your individual circumstance.

    Units of Competency

    Elec Core Units 

    RIIBEF201E Plan and organise work
    RIICCM201E Carry out measurements and calculations
    RIICCM202E Identify, locate and protect underground services
    RIICCM203E Read and interpret plans and job specifications
    RIICCM205F Carry out manual excavation
    RIICCM206E Support plant operations
    RIICCM207E Spread and compact materials manually
    RIICCM208E Carry out basic levelling
    RIICOM201E Communicate in the workplace
    RIIRIS301E Apply risk management processes
    RIISAM201E Handle resources and infrastructure materials and safely dispose of nontoxic materials
    RIISAM203E Use hand and power tools
    RIISAM204E Operate small plant and equipment
    RIIWHS201E Work safely and follow WHS policies and procedures
    RIIWMG203E Drain and dewater civil construction sites

    Elective Units (5 Must be Completed)

    RIIMPO318F Conduct civil construction skid steer loader operations
    RIIMPO320F Conduct civil construction excavator operations
    RIIMPO317F Conduct roller operations
    RIIVEH304E Conduct tip truck operations
    AHCSAW201 Conduct erosion and sediment control activities
    CPCCWHS2001 Apply WHS requirements, policies and procedures in the construction industry
    RIICCM209E Carry out concrete work
    HLTAID011 Provide First Aid

    Sample set of Elective UOC only above, after your initial interview you will receive written confirmation of the units which you are enrolled. 


    Program Delivery Options

    There are two pathways to attain this qualification:

    • Recognition of Prior Learning / Recognition of Current Competence.
    • Online Support with Workplace Practical Assignments.

    To attain pricing for this qualification please download our information pack now.

    What will I receive after I successfully complete the program?

    Upon being found Competent of all Assessment Tasks PM2 PTY LTD T/A PM SQUARED RTO 41304 will issue your Statement of Attainment outlining each Unit of Competency you have been found Competent.

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